Varniga Tex is a company that not only values partnership, but aspires to its highest ideal. Manufacturer; wholesale distributor of home accessories. Manufacturing and distributing a range of home decor products, including Bedding, Table Linen, Kitchen Linen, Cushion Cover & Shower Curtains. We are having immense pleasure in delivering goods to leading business houses. We have adopted a blended channel strategy for product distribution to our customers.

Our core motto is to bring "Values to every home & family life", result oriented, innovating with business driven factors. Emphasize growth as a requirement for survival. We focused on strengthening and enhancing each of our product segments.

The factors behind our success are complex. We intend to maintain our status as a manufacturer of Home décor products to our customers and to exploit the advantages that arise from bundling the company's business activities. We also plan to grow our business in markets where our competencies is particularly strong. Our experience in Supply on Demand is the fundamental key factor to our growth strategy.
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